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Soaring eagle casino blackjack mobile casino action play slots blackjack & more All of these tables were full of ploppies with more waiting in line to play. Of course it's still always a good idea to take a break AFTER something like that goes down even if you lose the hand, or more likely push twenties!

I had the chance to visit the Soaring Eagle and Motor City casinos on two separate trips and I have to say I was not impressed with what I found. If you are a card counter you will be better off playing elsewhere. All tables on the main casino floor were CSMs 6 decks? I didn't even bother with checking the rules after seeing the CSMs. There were 6 of these useless tables open at that time. The high limit area was a different story. It was pretty much standard 6-deck rules.

I could not play as both tables were full the entire time I was there. I have no info on pit heat in the casino as there didn't seem to be anyone playing except non-counting ploppies. These tables were a mixture of 6- and 8- deck shoe games.

The six-deck games cut off two decks and the 8-deck games cut off three decks. There were lines on the outside soaring eagle casino blackjack the shoe and the dealers would line the cards up with the back of the shoe and then insert the cut card exactly where the line was to ensure the penetration soaring eagle casino blackjack consistent at each table.

Soaring eagle casino blackjack of these tables were full of ploppies with more waiting in line to play. Therefore, once again I did not play and would not want to anyway with that poor penetration. I have no read on pit heat, if any, and I doubt there would be much, given the playing conditions. Soaring eagle casino blackjack one-half of the goald coast casino had two betting spots in front of each player and if a player wanted, he could play two hands per deal.

Therefore, there could be a total of 14 player hands per round. It seemed like all of the tables with two betting intercontinental hotel and casino san juan per player were using the 8-deck shoes. There were 5 tables open:. These were 6-deck shoes with 1. All games appeared to be standard 6-deck rules both levels DAS, re-split aces, S I did not play these games, as I don't have the proper size bankroll for these betting levels.

These two casinos are not on my preferred list to play and I would not make the drive to either of them to play Blackjack. As an aside, both casinos also offer a poker room and good crap tables if you are a well-rounded advantage player. If you have a large bankroll, the high roller rooms in both casinos offer the best games. Great class, both informative and fun. The refinement made to my grip and delivery will pay huge dividends in the future. Some of the small insights and secrets were very enlightening.

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Street Dog's Bone Yard: There were no CSMs at this casino, however all of the tables used shuffle machines and shoes. There were 5 tables open: Conclusion These two casinos are not on my preferred list to play and I would not make the drive to either of them to play Blackjack.

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Soaring Eagle Casino: Save your money. I spent over $ playing $5 minimum blackjack tables both the single deck and the shuffled 3 card decks and. Soaring Eagle Casino offers all 3 games and for the occasional gambler looking to win what do you think would be the best game to play? Play your favorite table games hours a day with Soaring Eagle Casino Live Play Blackjack At Soaring Eagle Play Casino Hold Em At Soaring Eagle.

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